Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


By visiting our site (i.e. www.dataservice.in) or purchasing our product from Data Service, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of company.

Non liability of Data Services for the content or intention of communication.

Data Service not responsible on how the databank is being used by clients. This marketing databank is entitled for legitimate marketing communication only. Data Service is not liable for content of communication via email or SMS or phone by clients to that databank. Any client involving or initiating communication other than legitimate marketing communication such as false job offer, false business offers, false offer for lump-sum amount of money, content causing threat to national harmony or integrity, lottery offer and any other communication involving banned Keywords related to adult content or any unsolicited content according to ‘CAN – SPAM’ mailing rules, any other content which is not permitted in law and causing any form of damages ( including reputation & Monetary) to the recipients or Data Service will be prosecuted under the Cyber Law act of Indian penal code.

Process of Communication to the Databank by the clients.

Any client or entity intending to initiate legitimate marketing or promotional process or any other communication process after purchasing any particular databank or any of our product, has to abide by the Law imposed by cyber / IT act/ TRAI regulation of Tele-communication and ‘CAN-SPAM’ act and any other applicable Law imposed by Local or Central Government authority which mandatory includes following:

DND filtration before SNS and Tele marketing (TRAI regulation web link).

Clearly mentioning the source email id and subject line and providing ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘opt-out’ options to the recipient’s while doing email marketing (CAN-SPAM act web-link).

Non liability for the objection for existence of any information or records & Disclosure of Source of records.

Data Service by no means is liable regarding the objection for existence of any information or records or data related to any individual or entity or Organization as All the Databank and information list and products listed under Data Service product list are gathered, collected, collaborated and consolidated from various legitimate sources (both offline and online) which includes public domains and websites, events, seminars, workshops, road shows, public directories, directory listing services, commercial listing services and voluntary listing services. All the databank, information, records provided by us is results of our extensive search, both off line and online research and by every means though our own efforts.

Process regarding the complaint, objection or request regarding the removal or edit of any information, records or Data.

In spite of the above clause ‘Non liability for the objection for existence of any information or records’, we do duly accept any complain objection or request for removal/ edit of any particular record, information or data from any individual, identity or organization. We request to contact us directly in this regards and assure the required action will be taken after due verification.

Non liability for the Validation or accuracy or correctness of any information or record or data.

All the records are valid at the time of the validation process only. Data Service do not investigate, represent or endorse the accuracy, legality, legitimacy, validity or reliability of any information or record or data. Thus Data Service is not liable or make any warranty regarding any accuracy, correctness, validity, legitimacy or legality of any particular records, information or data listed under product list or website or provided by Data Service as The accuracy and completeness of the information collected information depends on the co-operation of the various sources.

The Data Service represents that the Information has been collected in accordance with applicable local, state, federal or international laws, rules or regulations related to the collection of Contact Information. Data Service does not guarantee that the Information meets the requirements of any applicable local, state, federal or international law, rule or regulation related to the usage of ‘Contact Information’ (e.g. names, phone and facsimile numbers, wireless devices, e-mail addresses and physical addresses), including, but not limited to, wireless suppression lists, wireless domain lists, commercial e-mail laws, telemarketing laws and ‘Do-Not-Call’ lists.

Data Service shall not be liable for any damages, losses, costs, claims or expenses with respect to any Data Privacy legal or compliance violation arising out of or related to Customer’s or any related parties’ use of Information licensed under this Order.

Customer will use the Contact Information only in compliance with all applicable local, state, federal and international laws, rules, regulations and requirements, including, but not limited to, those laws and regulations regarding telemarketing, customer solicitation (including fax advertising, wireless advertising and e-mail solicitation), data protection and privacy. Data Service do not also warrant or provide guarantee regarding the response rate or accuracy of any particular Database.

All the sales are final settlement and non refundable by nature due to the nature of our service. Any purchase or customers or any user of our website or product comes under our Terms And Conditions and binding purchase contract by default after using our website or after purchasing any of our product. This is done solely to make all the data, records and privacy of all users safe and secure. Please contact us or clarify your doubts before placing your order.

Any client or individual or entity or organization is not authorized to sell/ reproduce/ make available to third party any data/ Records/ Information without prior intimation and permission from Data Service.

Important Note: If you (USER/ BUYER/ PURCHASER/ VISITOR) are not agreeing or accepting terms & conditions of www.dataservice.in , please do not use this website and also do not purchase any product or offer from this website.

For further queries, information or clarification regarding the Terms and Conditions, please Contact Us.